Your first appointment will be 40-50 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes before the time to fill in our practice form. 

Please take note that we are contracted out and we do not submit claims to medical aids on behalf of our patients.

Your first appointment will be charged at R1 500.00 and as of 1 March 2020, 15% VAT will be added on all fees. 

You will receive a statement that you can submit to your medical aid for reimbursement. 

First consultation fee includes a lung function (if necessary). A follow up appointment will be scheduled to discuss your results and monitor your progress.

If you require a skin prick test, you will be charged R50,00 per allergen test.

An environmental allergy panel test will cost you between R400,00 and R800,00.

A food inhalant allergy panel test will cost approximately R400,00. 

Are you on any medication for your allergies?

If you are, please stop using ALL antihistamines four days before undergoing any testing. If you can’t stop taking your antihistamines, please inform us at the time of your visit.

If you have asthma, you should not stop taking any of your medication prescribed specifically for it.  

Lung function testing

If you require more lung function testing after your initial consultation, you will be charged R600,00 per test.

Food and drug challenges

To confirm your drug or food challenge, a deposit will need to be paid the week before the challenge. A deposit fee is R1 500,00, and the approximate fee for a challenge is R2 800,00. The deposit will be set off against your payment.

Blood test results

A follow-up visit will be scheduled to discuss your results and monitor your treatment plan.

Chronic medication forms

A fee of R300 will be charged for the completion of chronic medication forms.

Cancellations and no-shows

Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours before the consultation, either by telephone, sms or e-mail. The Allergy Clinic reserves the right to charge patients for failing to arrive for their appointments as per Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act. The act states that a consumer has the right to cancel any advance booking for services to be supplied. It also states that a supplier who makes a commitment or accepts a reservation to supply goods or services may impose a charge for cancellation of the order or reservation. 

If a patient does not show up for his or her first appointment, the full consultation fee of R1 500.00 will be charged. The same applies for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.