2021 started off with a bang for The Allergy Clinic when founder Dr Marinda McDonald appeared on SABC News’s Health Talk to discuss nasal allergies with host, Zama Buthelezi.

In this recording of the show, Dr McDonald shares valuable insights on numerous allergy-related issues. It often happens that patients seek help for sinusitis or “sinus” when they’re actually suffering from allergic rhinitis – a condition that can easily be treated and controlled.

If you’d like to know more about the causes of nasal allergies and sinus blockages, look no further. Dr McDonald also explains how to use a nasal spray, the types of antihistamines to look out for, and the environmental factors that contribute to patients’ nasal difficulties.

Watch the episode here:

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  • The purpose of this article is to raise awareness of allergies and the treatment options that are available for it. This article should by no means be used, or viewed, as a primary source for medical advice – please arrange for a personal consultation with your medical practitioner before taking any decisions that could affect the wellbeing of you or your loved ones. Read our medical disclaimer for more information.


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