Dr. Marinda McDonald appeared on ChaiFM‘s Dischem Medical Monday show with Kathy Kaler for a general discussion about allergies.

In the interview, they cover a wide range of concerns that people with allergies face in their daily lives – from the cause of allergies to understanding the efficacy of EpiPens. And then Dr. McDonald and Kathy also talk about a variety of allergies – from dust mite to bee allergies, food allergies and skin conditions associated with allergies.

If you’re struggling to navigate the world of allergies or would like to know more about allergies in general, the podcast of this interview is a must-listen. It was recorded on Monday, 29 May 2019.

  • The purpose of this blog post is to raise awareness of allergies and the treatment options that are available for it. This article should by no means be used, or viewed, as a primary source for medical advice – please arrange for a personal consultation with your medical practitioner before taking any decisions that could affect the wellbeing of you or your loved ones. Read our medical disclaimer for more information.